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From Frontline Employees  to Top Management:

Are you interested in reducing Absenteeism, High Turnover, OSHA Violations, Workplace Violence?
Do you need to increase Profitability, Productivity, Efficiency, Quality?

Our Programs are designed to target the experiences and feedback of employees throughout a business as they relate to these issues.

Turn-around time is 45 days after date of implementation for Stand Alone and On-Site programs.

Is your company in need of an EOS?

Contact Employees In Action, LTD. today to find out if an EOS is what your company needs to boost Productivity, Profitability, Efficiency, and Quality!


Many times employees do not feel that they can approach management with their complaints or concerns about their job, or their work environment.  This will eventually cause GAPS in communication that will inevitably affect all parts of the company.

We want to hear from you!  This form is anonymous and collects only the information that you supply.  Now is your turn to be heard.  Just fill out the form below, and one of our Business Consultants will handle discussing it with management for you. 

Form Temporarily Disabled, please mail us anonymously instead!

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