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Using an Employee Opinion Survey is not about doing a survey; itís about processes to drive change and improvement, which have clear intended performance outcomes. It is critical to resource for the life cycle of the project, not just the survey implementation stages. The full process, improvement strategies, evaluation and follow-up need to be adequately understood and resourced prior to commencing.

Information is provided concisely for effective decision making.

Outcome Report identifies trends and offers recommendations for immediate and future action.

Turn-around time is 45 days after date of implementation for Stand Alone and On-Site programs.

Programs are usually completed within 20-30 minutes per work group area/department.

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Custom Designed  - Programs are designed for your Company's Specific EOS Needs.

Continued support - Including Industrial Psychology Evaluation, Techniques Production, Employee Training Motivation Techniques Logistics, 24 hour support through our Anonymous Comment Form that provides clients with an opportunity to be updated on situations and/or work practices as reported by their own employees.

Workshops and Seminars - Focusing on Cultural Diversity, Workplace Safety, Violence / Harassment, Ergonomic Training, Human Resource Issues, and Business / Labor Relations

Core Entry Model - Completed by recently hired employees. Provides insight into employees' previous work experience, skills and training.

Core Baseline Model - Completed  by all employees (salaried / hourly).  Identifies work experiences, practices and concerns that may be undetected by other communication tools.

Management Perception Model - Completed by management personnel.  Provides gap analysis between managers/supervisors' perceptions and those of their subordinates.

Exit Model - Completed by employees exiting the company.  Provides insight into ways to retain valuable employees

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